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I'm back in DC, having spent last weekend in Atlanta at DragonCon.

I still feel vestiges of Geek Shame saying that. But recently in London, a moment with two friends-of-a-friend altered my thinking on that matter. These were two New Yorkers, you know, Upper West Side types who think wearing a beaded top makes them bohemian? In the course of conversation I mentioned that I'd been to a medieval reenactment earlier in the summer, and I explained what that was...

"Oh. We thought it was like that thing they have in Sterling, you know, that fair..."
"Eeyuch! We wouldn't be caught dead there!"
"You couldn't pay us enough to go!"
"We've never been, of course. But we've heard about it."

Suddenly, it came to me: I loathe these women and all they stand for. Granted, Renaissance Fairs are nerd-intensive, but given the choice between nerds in tights and sneering trend-mavens, I will take the nerds every time. (Besides, what were these women doing if not cosplaying Sex and the City ?)

Then I went to Glyndebourne to see Love And Other Demons, the new opera by Peter Eötvös [pronounced "Erdversh."]
The opera was fascinating and the friend who'd invited me was lovely-- but also in the party was one of those loud public-school hoorah types who felt he had to sneer mordantly at everything, including at the mezzo when she was injured by part of the moving set ("Bloody stupid woman.") It was at that point that I let him know he was being a dick. The train journey back was... interesting.

So I've had it with sneerers and scoffers. They're dry-rot to anyone trying to create anything or do anything unusual. And I am done with shame. If you'd care to join me, I'll be hauling the Geek Flag up the pole and handing out free drinks to everyone who isn't boring. Cheers!


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