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Today I would like to talk about my friend Liana, an artist who goes by the name Playful Eye. I've known her since 2006, when a random conversation at 4AM turned into a lasting friendship.

You may remember her work from various things I've done, like this poster:

Poster photo WIPflute.jpg

and this one:

Recital poster by Liana Lavoie photo lianarecitalposter.jpg

Also this:

Poster for Giulio Cesare by Liana Lavoie photo lianacesare.jpg

Here's her pencil work on that breastplate:

Pencil work for Giulio Cesare poster by Liana Lavoie photo lianabreastplate.jpg

The thing about Liana is: She is currently using her resources of wit, spirit and bravery to fight off a particularly invasive cancer (esthesioneuroblastoma). In the USA, this is also a potentially financially ruinous situation, even with insurance. Recently, she posted this:

"My friends, I need your help.
I have been hospitalized with growing tumors all throughout my body. I cannot walk without assistance. My left arm is completely useless. I am being overwhelmed with too many medical bills and an insurance that is not moving quickly enough to settle my finances, and I come to you with most humility to ask for whatever monetary contribution you can give."

There's a donation website up at . If you can spare a beer token or two, then please, please do go and give whatever you can. As well as being a wonderful artist, Liana is truly one of the most loveable people you could ever hope to meet, and I wish her well with all my heart.

More beauty resides over at her Flickr page.
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